Roberto Caielli
Photography and fine art printing 
Daverio, Va (Ita)

Roberto Caielli has been an italian professional photographer and fine art printer, and 2014 Canon Large format Printer Ambassador. Born in 1973, graduated with honors in Humanities at the University of Pavia, he specialized "in the field", with some of the leading masters, in fine art photography and fine art print. Author of texts and literary publications, he conceived his photography as an ideal continuation of writing. His images move from a philosophical premise on the representation of reality, of which photography is a mirror and a shadow. Among his works, "Skyhole", permanent installation in a Swiss alpine dam (2012), and "Cinegraphy" (debut in September 2013, Triestecontemporanea Gallery and Riccardo Costantini Contemporary), in which a whole film is resumed in a single photography. His works have been exhibited in numerous festivals and fairs in Italy and abroad. He works in his photo studio in Azzate (Va, Ita) and fine art print lab in Varese and he's actually professor of photographic technique at the Falcone high school in Gallarate (Va).

I am haunted by waters, 2019
Jesuis à prendre, 2019
Film Landscapes (2010-2018)
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